Look At The… Afterglow (More Than the Air I Breathe)

Posted in Uncategorized by nanshi on October 2, 2008

youtube it

This is my most FAVORITEST SONG off of DBSK’s new album, and WOWzers. Oh, btw: it’s a fancam, so it’s not that clear, but it’s really really good as far as fancam qualities go. This is from an album showcase?.

Some notes:
– Micky sounds fantastic. like SOSOSOSO good. CD quality.
– Junsu is perfection. This is his song. He owns it. Period and full stop.
– =( Yunho could’ve rocked his bridge a lot better. He pulled out in the end though, but him and Changmin both sound sick. And so does Jae. ;_; I need to kidnap all of them, sneak them away to a hot tropical island (there are several unnamed secluded ones in the Pacific around South America), feed them cookies and vitamin C and keep them there for a month until they’re all fat and happy and healthy. This is when it pays to have contacts in the intelligence sector. Seeing as how I don’t have contacts in the intelligence sector (or maybe I do?!)…

Generally, though… Great. great stuff. I need to find more lives of this. Somewhere. And I have lyrics. I’ll edit them in once I find the proper credits for them (floating around somewhere on soompi).

Oh, here’s another one where you can see Junsu do cool things with his vocal chords. Magical, true? Pity it’s not the full thing, so you can’t see him do the bridge. Which is magical.

(( I’m too tired to give this a proper blogging )).


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