Posted in Uncategorized by nanshi on October 5, 2008

Anyone wear?


I actually used to hate these shoes. Well, not hate, more like “avoid.” When I was in middle/high school, they were associated with the emo and punk kids… sometimes the skater kids, and I was really sensitive to stereotypes like that (I think we all were) and tried to avoid them as much as possible. Plus, Converses weren’t readily available (not like NOW), and you had to go to those sneaker specialty shops at the mall to buy them. And I was so cheap that I *never* went to the mall to buy my sneakers.

I remember I had a pair of cheap imitation-platform ones from Walmart when I was in middle school, so I guess I did like how they looked back then? Or maybe just the platform.

Well, not that they’re *everywhere,* I’ve recently gotten back into the trend of them. I dunno..

I think there’s something really sleek and cool about a pair of plain black Converses. Lo-top, please. There’s something really… clean about them. They require some serious breaking in and they feel only a little more substantial than a good pair of socks, but… there’s something very appealing about them. They match with everything, and the white tips and the white laces and the white soles give it a bit of whiteness so that the black isn’t overbearing.

I like dressing up and looking nice. I really do. I’m not the “hoodie and jeans” type of girl. Mostly because I’m fat, so unless I’m really slumming, I tend to avoid bulky clothes, but my pretty babydoll trench jacket isn’t going to look particularly nice with a pair of Addidas running sneakers (not like I have anything against them!). But for some reason, Converses don’t really feel like sneakers to me. They feel like flats (y’know, the dressy kind?). I mean, of course I won’t throw them on my feet for a formal function, but they’re not as uber casual and uber athletic as “real” sneakers.

Not only are they classic, but there is something very… unique about them. When I wear my lo-tops, I feel like my outfit isn’t ruined by my sneakers. And I don’t like to wear “pretty” flats around campus because those are inconvenient and don’t hold up well when it gets cold. I dunno, maybe I think too much, but yeah…


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