BoA “Eat[s] You Up?!”

Posted in Uncategorized by nanshi on October 17, 2008

Here’s the official (Korean?) MV for the song:

youtube it.

It’s the Korean preview for the MV, but the song is in English? I thought she was making a separate Korean version…? I dunno. Plus her backup dancers are white too…

Anyways, I was looking at this from an American perspective, and I was a little shocked. Face and hair aside: BoA is really really skinny; she has the body of a 13-year-old boy. Now, that’s an aesthetic that generally pleases Asian audiences, but for America? Um… no. I can just IMAGINE the response it’ll get (“Dude, she looks like a little boy”). And the choreography is… weird? I dunno. But I swear, in the MV, the song and the setting basically feels like it’s a trailer promo for one of the “Step Up” movies (y’know, those movies about dancing and a dancing/performing arts school?). The choreography is too… intricate (for lack of a better word) than what the American audience is used to. I hate to seem really awkwardly biased or whatever, but Asians love that stuff. We love really intricate and complicated choreography to accompany our songs, but I’ve realized that in a lot of American MVs and whatnot: they like their dancing to be dancing and the singing to be singing. Sure, they’ve combined a little bit of it, but nothing nearly as complicated as THIS. It might be a bit of a [culture?] shock to them when they see this kind of approach. It might be a welcome and a good shock, but it also might be a drastically bad one?

And honestly? BoA’s voice isn’t really that good. I saw a behind-the-scenes clip of her recording “Eat You Up,” and I’m not sure if it was skewed or edited, but her English has improved a LOT lately. She seems to be able to hold a meager conversation with the production crew without having to resort to translators. I don’t think that she’ll be able to … anchor news reports (or understand them) anytime soon, but out of courtesy, if you speak slowly and don’t use words that are TOO big, she’ll probably be able to carry on a conversation. But yeah… i was amazed at the .. I dunno, bare-bones concept of BoA’s voice. Her voice — in tonal quality, NOT her accent — is still very delicate and gentle; it sounds like she’s trying TOO hard to be powerful and capture that “American power voice,” which is annoying because it’s crazy strain.

We’ll see.

I still stand by my predictions that it’ll be a good one-hit wonder that will probably inspire a lot of club remixes and will be a good hit in underground clubs, but for mainstream radio play…? Nah.

Oh, I’ve also presented this song to several of my American friends (who DO follow the American scene), and they’re generally pretty open to hearing songs of different styles, and one of them commented that it sounded like “generic techno crap” and the other one agreed AND said that this song was “utter fail.”


youtube it
(( Credits according to the user on youtube and the credits in the sidebar on Youtube ))


My Thoughts?
– It’s a throwback to old pop music. lol.
– The suggestive lyrics? The tone of the beat? It is soo reminiscent of old-school Britney Spears. I’m incredibly out of touch with the current American music scene, so I’m sending this video/song to some of my friends (via facebook) to get a better gauge. I’ve sent them Kpop before (Se7en, Taeyang, and Big Bang) and aside from comments about Taeyang’s abs and chest-pumping, reception was shaky.
– I like the bridge. But I always like the bridges in song…
– The beat is ridiculously catchy. But it’s… difficult to dance to. I’ve seen clips of BoA’s MV, and her dancing is all chopped up and it’s weird.
– BoA’s voice is just… nothing special. It’s thick and nasally and doesn’t really stand out from the crowd. Plus, her accent?
– I can see this being a hit on the underground scene, but on radios and on iPods? I dunno. It also doesn’t have the strains of becoming some kind of “cult classic” (similar to the effect of viral videos) to really make it large and onto the scene, if you ask me.

I think it’s really going to come all down to promotion. And in America, promotion is difficult. The thing is, management and record companies have to pour a TON of money into promoting an unestablished and new artists. Radio spots, advertisement spots, airtime on store radios, in-store adverts, etc etc. America doesn’t do promotion like Korea. “Good Morning, America!” doesn’t just invite any ol’ artist ont it’s show. Same with just about any other show. MAYBE “The Ellen Show” will do a spot, but I don’t know. Plus, BoA is starting from scratch with no reliable backers. A few people (like MAYBE 3%) of the listening population MIGHT know the producers of her song and be like “o0o I like them,” but if most people are like me: we don’t have a clue, and we don’t really care. I mean, most idols that debut in Korea have very prominent predecessors (or at least companies) promoting them, and that generates attention. In America? BoA has no one. Harsh, yes, but very true.

Ultimately, I feel this song is quite forgettable. It doesn’t bring anything really new to the scene and it’s not that attractive. I don’t really like BoA’s voice to begin with, but I liked the way her vocals were showcased in “Girls on Top” and “Moto” and a few other of her older tracks. The beat is catchy, but the song isn’t? It feels vaguely reminiscent of Kpop too. Or this just feels like a song that has been done many times before and just rehashed again with new lyrics. Innovative, it is not. I remember being a big fan’ish of one of Britney Spears’ CDs, but I was also 14 and uneducated at the time, so I can see this song — with the proper promotion — doing okay with the tween crowd, I suppose.


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  1. Phil said,

    Hey man, maybe she could get a spot on the Ed Sullivan Show! I mean like man isn’t that how these foreign music invasions work? A couple great songs and prime TV exposure after Walter Cronkite tells it like it is? Oh right, Ed is dead, and this dated song is more like DOA.

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