Posted in DBSK/TVXQ,Kpop by nanshi on November 3, 2008

The best part of High School Musical 3

Comments on BoA’s new “sexy” image for America:
> > > The fact of the matter is, BoA doesn’t think. She really doesn’t. Her management thinks for her. BoA does not strike me as the type that has ANY individuality. From the clothes she wears, to her fake acrylic nails, to her hair style. She simply accepts the fact that her management wants her to “sing this,” “wear that,” “pose like this,” and she’ll do it. No questions asked; how else has she risen so high in SM Entertainment? Do you really think it was because of her earnest desire to grow as an artist? No, it’s because there is no more hope for her. She spent her post-elementary school years training to become an idol. She really can’t do anything else. She doesn’t know of anything else. Last summer she expressed a desire to leave the entertainment industry and to settle down and get a college degree; but the prior year to that statement, she had already renewed a contract with SM Entertainment that locks her in until 2012 where they will run her life.

BoA knows that there’s no more hope for her. It is very easy for SM Entertainment to make her life a living Hell if she doesn’t abide by their orders. I honestly don’t know if BoA is the cute tomboy back when she debuted, the mature woman that we saw on her BoA-The Twentieth Tour in Japan, or this woman now. Frankly, she’s just moldable clay to SM… because she will do everything that they tell her because she knows she cannot NOT do that. Frankly, SM desire for greed and money is pathetic and sad. None of their artists should be exploited like that, but they are. Time and Time again, and it annoys me. But eh… money conquers all things — not to speak of ethics. < < <

DBSK’s new MV is going to be “Wrong Number!”
> > > egads I’m excited for this!!

Get Smart is a hilariously funny movie. Steve Carrell is just… so amusing.

Started listening to Epik High. I kinda like them, even though I don’t like rap very much, but they are very good. I think. So far, anyways.

Big Bang’s “Japanese” album (even though it’s in English? what what?) is really really good. It’s a bit disconcerting to hear about TOP and G-Dragon having sexual intercourse “making love” (and its various euphemism), but still, a fairly strong album.

I LOVE CLIFF EDGE. But I can’t find anything by them!!! Well, that’s not on Youtube. Can someone hook me up or am i actually going to have to pay money? And is it just me, or is their “Happy Birthday” refrain a bit… annoying? I get it, it’s their thing… now can we just stop with it? It’s one thing to use a more general refrain that can be used for any situation (like: “I love you” or “Congratulations” or “Happiness Sunshine” whatever), but all the time?

I’m afraid Rainism‘s magic stick does not, indeed, make my body shake. He just WANTS me to mock him, I’m telling you. But it was a brilliant marketing tactic; I previously had no interest in Rainism or his new album until I heard about the scandalous lyrics on POPSEOUL and then I had to hear it. btw: it’s still a fairly unattractive song (especially with Epik High, Big Bang, and DBSK emerging on the scene)… but … haha. Magic Stick. Really, Rainasm? Really?! And yes, people are saying that “Rainism” is just a combination of “Rain + Orgasm,” but then it should be “Rainasm,” so yet again… Rain’s stellar English skills fail him again, at this critical juncture.

And finally…

I spam because I can.!!!

“…And I say that with all the love in the world.”


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