Black Friday sales…!!

Posted in Uncategorized by nanshi on November 28, 2008

This year Black Friday Sales were just as “extravagant” and generous as they usually are. With the exceptional difference: America’s economy.

Last year, I was out at midnight waiting in front of my local Best Buy for a $200 computer+monitor bundle. When I arrived at midnight, I certainly wasn’t the last person to arrive, but there were a good 100+ people already in front of me waiting. I heard that some people were waiting since 6-7pm the night prior (Thanksgiving night) for Black Friday sales. Obviously I didn’t get my computer bundle. This year, they had a similar deal, except it was $300 and bundled with a free Canon printer. Eh. I don’t need a free printer and it’s not worth it.

BUT, they were selling this 4gb mp3 player (Sandisk Sansa Fuze) that I’ve had my eye on. I particularly like the Sandisk Sansa line of mp3 players. They’re functional, easy to use and inexpensive. Oh, did I not mention the price yet? A 4gb mp3 player… from a good and reputable and reliable brand for… $49.99.

HELLLOOOOOOO?! I just bought a new one last year (like EXACTLY a year ago, because I bought that one on Black Friday as well), but my sister’s been really into using my mp3 player for the past few months because she can listen to audio books on it, so I promised if I could get a good mp3 player on Black Friday, I’d give her my old one.

So I gots this:

and an 8gb USB flash drive. Which is another excellent deal, because again: it’s from Sandisk, so I know it’s a reliable flash memory brand and it’s 8GB…!!! HELLLOOOOO?! It’ll work out well because now I can put movies on it and watch them on my friends TVs (via their Xbox 360s. Which yes, they all have — they are all boys).

The irony is that this year, I was a bit more, “Eh…” about Black Friday. And I dunno if it’s because of America’s slumping economy or retailers just simply ordered more items to stock because they wanted to make sure they could sell more stuff: but I didn’t leave my house until 10am this morning after waking up and having breakfast, and Radio Shack was having the same mp3 player sale (plus that’s where I got the USB drive too) and I decided to go there first. I figured Best Buy wouldn’t sell out of it anyways because the mp3 player isn’t an iPod so it’s not like people are going to be snatching it off the shelves, but I thought I’d try Radio Shack first. AND THEY HAD IT!!! So I was able to save myself a trip to Best Buy and just pick it up there, after getting sleep and everything and get a new USB toy too. Granted, this USB doesn’t make me incredibly thrilled because it feels kinda flimsy, but eh.


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