THSK’s “Bolero” Romaji

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..with SOME translations and kana.

I found the lyrics here
(proper credits are attached)

NOTE: These are romanized lyrics (and translations) for the preview of the song and not the full version. I have taken the liberty listen to the remainder of the song (only a little bit) and tried to piece together what I think the romanized lyrics are for that portion. I take no responsibility if they are inaccurate because I’m just putting together the pieces from my rudimentary knowledge of Japanese and what they sound like. I will edit this post with the proper romanizations once the full lyrics become available.

SO NO THROWING FITS IF THEY’RE OFF OR WRONG. This is me speculating purely for my enjoyment to sing along until the full version is released. My additions will be highlighted in blue just for clarification purposes.
[This disclaimer will be removed once the real lyrics are available and I have them posted]

. I def. need to be studying for finals. Or writing multiple papers.

* * *


Yaminitsukabu tsuki no tsutechi(stage)ni
Odoru kimi o yumemitanda

Fukai fukai mune no kisu wo
Hitotsu hitotsu seo wa naide
Dare mo kimi wo semeyashinai
Kimi wa kimi de ireba iisa

Kikasete itoshiku hakanaku tsunasaki de kanaderu bore(Borelo)
Maiagare kimi no kanashimi mo iyasareru bashoni mitsukerusa

kibai heya no naka mitasareru omoi mado kara afure
Yume ga tsutsumu tsuki hikari no shita ka mojyarani kibou no ritsumu(rhythm) wo kisamu
Yume ga tsunoru
(Kimi ga) kimi rashiinowa jiyuuni habatakara
Dare mo shiru koto no nai kotae sagashite

Kikasete itoshiku hakanaku tsunasaki de kanaderu bore(Borelo)
Maiagare kimi no kanashimi mo iyasareru bashoni mitsukerusa

credit : HK-GD@soompi

Let You dance Away
Don’t You Know (yeah)
I say you’re my oh…


itsumade mo (kimi yo tarashi tsuzukeru yo)
mimamoru yo (kimi no aisube kimi raiimo)
nokobitemo (boku wa negai sezukaruyo)
mamorukara (oh~)

kikasete (kikasete) marushiku setsunaku
itsuwa betsune kiadeki wo ne
kimi wa keshita hitori kanaikara
inochi no kagini maiagare

kimi no hibasho wa kokoni aru

I saw you dancing on the floating moon stage in the dark in my dreams

not burdened by the deep wounds in your heart

誰も君を責めやしない 君は君でいればいいさ
But no one will blame you, because if you are here, everything will be fine

you will first play your beloved Bolero

you will soon soar up to the place where all your sorrows are healed

Inside the dark room, your emotions will fill and overflow out the window

the dream enveloped under the moon’s light will carve out your wish’s rhythm

the dream becomes stronger

Because you will fly away freely

looking for the answer that no one knows

playing your beloved Bolero first

and you will soon find the place where all your sorrows will be healed

Credits: DBSKnights + Trans. whisperpuppies@soompi + healingvoice
Take out with Full Credits


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  1. Marineta said,

    thank you so much!!! *O*

    Bolero~ wow i’m so happy for this song~ because i’m spanish xDDDD hahahaha xD

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