Jaejoong & Jessica?!

Posted in DBSK/TVXQ,Kpop by nanshi on January 1, 2009
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It’s one of those rumours floating around again because Jaejoong apparently passed Jessica a bouquet of flowers after receiving the Music Bank MVP Award. Here’s a fancam if you’re interested in the closeup. I find it amusing that the fancam is an Onew fancam, and yet I’m willing to be that half the people that have clicked to it are looking for some more detail into the Jae-Sica scandal.


I’d like to make a few comments about it though. I make it clearly known that I don’t like SNSD and if Jae were to date someone, I think he could do better than Jessica. And it’s not because SM Entertainment doesn’t allow its [debuted] members to date each other (I think SM forbids it on the sly, but they never publicize it, because it’ll give them more publicity).

1) I think that Jaejoong is genuinely just passing the flowers to Jessica to have her hold them. Here’s what I commented on POPSEOUL:

lol. I eyed the fancam, and it just looks like Jaejoong passed the flowers to someone behind them for someone to hold. I can almost see him saying, “Here, hold these for me?” Because he wanted to clap during Yunho’s brief acceptance speech for Cassiopeia. And when Jessica passes them back to him, she’s also clearly impatient with holding the flowers as well. “Here. These are your’s. Take ‘em back.” There wasn’t any kind of romantic connection at all. They’re good friends holding stuff for one another. Not making excuses or anything. If it was a bit more blatant (like Junsu and Taeyeon at Hollywood Bowl), I might be more inclined to think that there was something.

And I still stand by that. I remember hearing/reading somewhere that Jaejoong likes to keep his hands empty? As in, he doesn’t really like to hold things, so it’s understandable. Plus, he can’t clap with them in his hands. Not to mention, the time that they were onstage with the bouquet and the flowers was so brief (not to mention that Jaejoong made NO move to go back over to Jessica after giving her the flowers. Even when Junsu & Taeyeon had those rumors surrounding them, Junsu made kind of an effort to go stand near Taeyeon and stuff) that I don’t think there was really much time for lots of slick thinking to go on. Jessica doesn’t strike me as the type that’s particularly scared of fangirls, so I don’t think she had any kind of ulterior motive in giving the flowers back to Jaejoong. I honestly think she was just holding them. What would fans think if Jae had given the flowers to… Tablo?!

2) If they were dating, how awkwardly callous is THAT?! I mean, aside from the fact that he not-so-slickly passed Jessica the flowers, but nothing says love like giving your precious girlfriend an ugly cast-off bouquet that you can’t be bothered to like, so … she gets it.

3) People are protesting, because they’re like, “Jessica looks so happy!” and I’m like… “well, duh. Yeah. Her close friends just won a major award.” Pictures (most frame-captures) make it seem like Jessica received the bouquet and her face lit up in happiness. Actually, her face had the EXACT same expression on it before she took the flowers. Therefore, correlation, not causation. The flowers didn’t CAUSE her to be happy — she was already happy at the time, they just happened to coincide.

4) Some people are speculating that it’s a media trick by SM Entertainment to start generating some scandalous attention to SNSD because their comeback is due sometime early in 2009, if I’m not mistaken. Perhaps, but I don’t think it looks that contrived. I mean, Yunho gave his bouquet to one of the SHINee members that were onstage, does it mean that they’re dating now?! Awesome. Plus, it didn’t look like scandalous activity. It just looked like Jaejoong being lazy. And I would’ve thought that SM would’ve wanted to avoid these kinds of incidences this time around. Tiffany gives them enough trouble as it is… without the necessity for staging or planning.

* * *

I just had to get this off my chest. So people can stop throwing a FIT. I know a lot of girls are like, “Y’all should be happy that they’re dating and have girlfriends and are trying to lead miserable lives.” Well my response is a snarl and a posessive, “BACK OFF; THEY’RE MINE…*growl*.” Just kidding. I taking dating & relationships seriously; if you don’t intend to marry the person, then don’t date the person. Some people just like a companion (y’know, someone default’ish to call up that will always answer your calls and always want to hang out with you) and my response to that is… “What time to hang out with their companion? They’re so super busy, that if I were them, the time that was necessary to practice, I’d be… sleeping. Or spending the money that I’m earning.”

Sooo yeah.

I must throw this out: I LOVE JJ LIN’S “SIXOLOGY.”. I’m a little ticked off now, ’cause my friend JUST left for Taiwan, and I only requested that she get “Hearbeat” (Leehom) for me, and totally ignored SIXOLOGY (mostly cause I didn’t bother to give it a listen until… now, lol). Which totally deserve a “real copy” place in my shelf. WHAZZIS?! Is this like the year of the awesome-albums? I never like Leehom’s stuff (trufax), and as a general rule, I only like a few select JJ songs (even though I love him and I like his voice and his songs and musicality), but this album is totally up my alley. Andd “Mirotic?” And Big Bang’s “Remember” and “No.1”?! srsly. Awesome year all around for my music cravings. I swear, I STILL have “Heartbeat” on repeat. And Khalil Fong’s “Orange Moon?!” I swear, spazzes is all kinds of horrible wonderful influence on my music tastes (still can’t find myself loving Epik High, though). And Nicky Lee over ze summer?! EGADS.


let’s make it all kinds of awesome, all right?
(i’m in a pretty good mood cause I got some of my grades back, and so far, for last semester, I pulled straight-As. Which is such an excellent rarity that I think I’m going to go study some more now)


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  1. fruitsandberries said,

    i TOTALLY agree with EVERYTHING you said about the jaejoong jessica thing.

    netizens just need to chill out!! they claim they love DBSK so much, but if you really loved them, wouldn’t you want them to be happy? wtf!

  2. youngmi said,

    Wow, finally someone said it. I totally agree, he just passed the flowers to her to hold for a while. I mean, he doesn’t even like holding his own bags and coat. People jump to stupid conclusions these days, don’t they?

  3. Bell said,

    Geez…that is so retarded! If someone hadn’t pointed it out I would have never noticed he gave the flowers to Jessica…seriously..XD I’m that distracted!
    It was just a random occurrence…O_O;; I saw nothing romantic whatsoever in the gestures…he just..O_O passed the bouquet on..( probably being lazy).

    People should stop blowing these things out of proportion..O_O They are human beings

  4. jecci said,

    good thing is people in the street will be like “wow he looks better than her; must be embarrasing” xDDDDDD
    i love jj lin’s new album.
    yeah heartbeat is good. really entertaining =))

  5. jecci said,

    she’s stupidly jumping up in glee though…

  6. Ally said,

    The only reason that she’s happy is because DBSK of the SMTown Family won. I didn’t watch the fancam, I only saw what was broadcast, and I saw JaeJoong in the corner, shifting the bouquet from hand to hand as if he didn’t know what to do with it. And then after Yunho talked and the group was moving to the left offstage, I saw Jessica walking the same way, and her face looked like, “JaeJoong- you forgot your flowers” or “Oh! I should give JaeJoong back his flowers before he leaves!” And then as JaeJoong was walking off with the flowers in hand once again, he still looked as though he didn’t know what to do with them. Besides, if they had been going out anyway, JaeJoong wouldn’t have done anything that blatant in public or he would have looked at her longer when he gave them to her than just sort of “Thanks for holding these so I can clap.” Jessica also wouldn’t have given them back because that would have just looked RUDE if that was why he gave them to her.

    Well, I;m done with my rant, and I agree with you. Have a wonderful day, all of you!

    GO DBSK!

  7. hueh* said,

    i think ur predictions are true.because i think jessica is dating onew/donghae.while jae joong is dating boa.you can see jessica’s happy face when she was singing with onew.check it out!

  8. FanficLover said,

    JJ dating BOA???? are you sure???? How come? BOA is his sunbae I think! and much older!!!!

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