What did Taeyeon do…?

Posted in Uncategorized by nanshi on January 20, 2009



Taeyeon belittles nurses.

And I love Grey’s Anatomy. So yeah, I know a little bit about nurses. Plus, my aunt’s one too.

For Taeyeon’s benefit, I think people are blowing it really out of proportion, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve the criticism. It’s one thing that if she was complaining to a friend on the phone and people recognized her and overheard the conversation and posted it online for the world to read.

It’s another thing to talk about it on public radio. tsk tsk. Major faux pas.

My biggest biggest biggest qualm with her problem is the fact that… NO ONE ELSE in SM Entertainment has ever had this type of thing happen to them. In fact, DBSK and BoA have, on more than one occasion, professed to having to go to a hospital/clinic for flu/illness/IV shots and there is NO WAY that out of all those times (basically at least a few times a month, I would assume) they would’ve gotten instantaneous treatment as well. They probably had to wait as well. And for goodness knows how long. But they’ve ALWAYS managed to stay tight-lipped. You NEVER hear about them complain about how they’ve been treated by nurses or doctors (well, at least for waiting times). So if they can do it, why can’t Taeyeon? I don’t believe the crap Taeyeon spouted about her having a problem with hospital and she basically tried to imply that she was being treated BADLY because of who she was (like reverse discrimination).

So yeah. She was whining. Yeah, netizens are blowing it out of proportion, but seriously? I don’t understand why her fans are standing up for her. If it was someone like Jaejoong or Yoochun that said something so carelessly callous, I would be the first one to call them out on it. And yeah, I kinda like Taeyeon. In fact, a lot of people do. Not anymore, I suppose. I’m not going to make any judgment calls on her person, I’m just going to comment that Taeyeon was incredibly stupid for making such a remark on open air. But like I said: the SNSD girls aren’t really good at being tactful in the first place.

Taeyeon made a mistake, that much is clear. But seriously: the girl doesn’t have a single excuse to hide behind. She wronged a ton of people majorly and Kangin didn’t help by practically making her say aloud the hospital she was treated at. Adding fuel to the fire much?

Oh yeah, and for people who are making excuses for Taeyeon saying she was cranky while at the hospital and sick that day — that doesn’t excuse ANYTHING. How many of your beloved idols were probably sick and had off-days while on air, and yet still plastered a smile on their face and went about ther pleasant little lives as though everything was perfect even though they were fuming inside? Plus, out of all the idols that needed to get shots, you think they were perfect and happy and patient every time too? I’m sure they were sick and fairly cranky as well while they were waiting for their shots. But like I said: it’s one thing to go home and complain about it or to call up your mom and rant to her. It’s another thing completely to rant on open air and basically ruin the reputation of a medical institution.

Clearly this is just another bout of attention-seeking by the SNSD girls (we’re going to start seeing more of it now that they’re getting ready for their comeback, I’m sure). I’m not surprised that some of them have a serious “Princess (or Diva) Syndrome,” but I at least thought that Taeyeon was relatively level-headed being one of the oldest members of the group (after all, 21/22 is NOT really young anymore). I agree with everyone else that said that this wasn’t really meant to be intentionally malicious (even though she certainly came across that way), but she was basically whining and expecting to be treated special because she was a famous idol and instead, had to wait around for her IV/antibiotic shot like the rest of the world. It’s interesting that — knowing SM Entertainment and their propensity for these IV/”healing” shots — there isn’t some kind of special clinic or nurse/doctor that SM has specially hired out to administer these kinds of shots exclusively to their artists. I mean, it must be detrimental to their schedules if they have to wait anywhere from 10min-3hrs for a flu shot or something.


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