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Riding on Barack Obama’s coattails, I’m doing some really risky things. Including writing a personal statement for some very trickly places. My friend, Rob, joked to me that I should just link the admission boards to my blog for my personal statement and call it a day.

I’m not suicidal (just masochistic), so clearly I’m not going to do that. BUT… I was writing this essay for one of the places I’m applying to and… I really liked it.

So here you go. A bit of academic whimsy on a blog where it usually isn’t found. Be prepared to cry. Just kidding. But I’m an excellent writer, even when I’m not blogging about Kpop or makeup. SO HA. (btw: this is before proofreading/editing, so there are some stylistic flourishes that need… polishing. I also enjoy punctuation a little too much.)

* * *

Essay Response A
What aspects of American society do you feel are the most in need of change? Why? How do you think this change can best be brought about? How can the legal profession contribute to bring about change?


American society is not a society that is inherently flawed. In fact, many of the problems that American residents and citizens face are characteristics that any society and civilization has encountered in its history. Problems may seem alleviated through technological advances or capitalistic maneuvers, but ultimately people are the same. That, is perhaps, the aspect of American society that is most in need of change.
Much change has been wrought throughout America since its inception. Yet, what Americans seems to struggle with the most is their inability to see other Americans or other people as people just like themselves. This is not a generalization or a stereotype of all Americans, but it is a problem that American society seems to struggle with. There is this inherent division among American people that fails to realize that we are all the same, regardless of skin color, ethnic origins, political beliefs, religions creeds, or any of the other characteristics that make people unique, but not necessarily different.
Therefore, American society is most in need of realizing its potential as a populace and its genuine capability of recognizing fellow citizens for who they genuinely are and not as a stereotype or a caricature that has been ostracized or ridiculed by popular culture. This change is ambitious, but it can be done as American citizens are more exposed and better educated in the ways of society. There should be less of a focus on sensationalism, and a more benign approach that really stresses how it is individuals and not an entire group of people that do things or participate in certain events. The legal profession is probably one that most embodies this ideal of stressing equality through education and change because the American legal system tries to be as equal as possible, never denying its citizens the right to a fair and just trial and a decent defense, regardless of background. The legal profession can only help to bring about this change by bringing in powerful and influential people such as the Supreme Court Justices and intelligent, fair, and trustworthy public-defense attorneys that are able to show American society that America isn’t a discriminatory nation and that everyone in America is the same and worthy of the same respects that another person is worthy of.
This is a critique of, not only the more poverty-stricken tier of American citizenry, but also an examination of the upper-class of American citizenry, because they are just as victim to the discriminatory and disabling practices as anyone else. All people are the same, therefore, what makes Americans such an exception that that rule. Every person deserves to be treated with the same respect and kindness that they would expect from others. Therefore, if there was any way this type of compassion and mercy could be taught, one can believe that hopefully many people would be willing to teach it. As it stands though, Americans are unable to overcome those basic prejudices that are ingrained within one another, but instead strive to figure out ways to find the “other” in “them.”

The legal profession, among many other noble professions, would be able to work in the public sector to help educate and inform people that they really are not different from anyone else. Attorneys, prosecutors, judges, and other public-court officials all strive to treat Americans fairly and justly as well as they can. That is how the legal profession can help treat and inform American society of their similarities, and not their differences. Even in the private sector, the job of an attorney is arbitration, to hear and determine the outcome of a disagreement (ultimately, a contract is about finding an agreement between two parties) on an impartial and just basis. The legal profession strives to treat every person as equally as possible and that is something all American society should do as well. That is the deepest problem in American society because it is this perception of inequality or superiority or inferiority that is at the root of most of the problems American society faces, and the legal profession stresses equality and a neutral demeanor. Therefore, the legal profession is one that influences a great many people, and also seeks to settle disputes and find agreements among the disagreeable.


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