kickin it old skool…

Posted in Uncategorized by nanshi on February 23, 2009

And bringing the time warp back around to vocal trance!! Remember those days? The days of DJ Sammy and Cascada and DJ Encore and Sandstorm and when vocal trance and dance music were so popular and hot.

Ahh… I had a brief craving for it today, so I hit up Youtube for one of my old favorites:

DJ Encore ft. Engelina, “High on Life.”

Nice business, ne?
I <33 the combo of DJ Encore + Engelina. I miss the days when this stuff was popular and semi-ruled the waves. I’m sick of listening to the wannabe-punk-rock that goes on. Not that I listen to American music anymore. I’ll be lucky if I get a single “Rihanna” or “Beyonce” reference these days. Not that I don’t know who they are, but the latest Beyonce song I know is “Listen” from the Dreamgirl’s soundtrack, and that’s only because so many Kpop stars have done covers up it. And Rihanna? The only only only song I really know by her is… [brief pause while I go to Google it. Yes, I am that pathetic] Unfaithful (! hah! found it. it was surprisingly difficult. Thanks Wikipedia for not making my life easier).

But yes, I’m back to listening to music in English. Even if it is really really old, but that was when music was good. I’m trying to figure out if this is the same way our parents (grandparents, etc) felt about music too. Am I old or does contemporary music now just genuinely suck? I mean, I’m not entirely indifferent. I find a few Chris Brown songs actually quite good. Plus, I can… “appreciate” some of Britney Spears’ more tolerable tracks. But this is really stuff that’s… playing on television screens when I walk into Target/Walmart/Sears/Best Buy that really catches my eye. I don’t really go out of my way to listen to this stuff anymore.

Maybe I’m just not hip with the times, but I like to think that I can appreciate a good voice and a good song where it counts. But I guess there’s no accounting for taste?


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