a brief bit of randomness

Posted in Uncategorized by nanshi on July 3, 2009

Because I actually haven’t fallen off the face of this earth! I actually have the interesting beginnings of a rant about Disney tweenlets in mind, but another time for another day. That and a follow up post to SNSD. No, I haven’t revised my original opinions about them, but I’m grudgingly coming to respect them as the frequent exposure is forcing their masks to peel off.

No, haha. I spent the past two days (or so) and nights reading Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander book. And I canna recommend it more. I swear, I’m going to go to Scotland and invade and violate all their innocent youths because they are just so friggin’ hawt. I’m over Korea now. Just kidding.

Sort of.

Anyways, no, what was funny was that in the book the main male character goes through some troubles and towards the end of the book he ends up in a monastery being tended to by his wife (who also happens to be a nurse) and a selection of monks. The amusing thing is that they dose him pretty heavily with opium (or general opioids) to keep him subdued so that his body can heal.

Which brings me to the fun part of my post.


I had my wisdom teeth removed about a week ago and was prescribed Hydrocodone (generic Vicodin — like what Dr. Gregory House takes) as my “severe pain medication.” I spent the subsequent 2-3 days drugged up in my bed taking two pain pills every 7-8 hours as recommended and was blissfully unaware of … everything. It was… incredible. I can see why people are addicted to these things (and no joke, like clockwork, the pain would start throbbing in every 8hrs, max, if I didn’t take my pills). Anyways, it comes to mind because in Diana Gabaldon’s story she talked about the main male character being seriously drugged up and having some incredibly vivid and awkward nightmares while under the influence of opioids.

I’ve had some pretty vivid non-drugged nightmares, but her character is not exaggerating. Something about opioids (most severe pain medications are opioids) really does something to the mind. I had some seriously freaky and vivd dreams. I don’t remember specifics, but they were all… really really scary. Y’know, you usually tend to dream things that are in your subconscious. Well, at least I do. But yeah. No… some really really freaky ones.

This post has nothing to do with anything, but I just thought I’d throw it out there. Because I could. And I can.

And I have!


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