“Timeless” Competition

Posted in DBSK/TVXQ,Kpop by nanshi on July 4, 2009

Thanks for the info, AllKpop.

SG Wannabe’s Kim Jin Ho & DaVichi singing the English (original) version of “Timeless”


DBSK’s Xiah Junsu & Jang Ri In singing the Korean (cover) version of “Timeless”

* * *

Now now, let’s not be obnoxious. I know that they’re in different languages. But we can appreciate music in all forms, right? I like Jang Ri In, so I’m not about to jump into a corner and slaughter her, now am I?

But let me wax frenetic for awhile and rant a bit crazy. On AllKpop there is a poll comparing these performances (along with the live performance of Kelly Clarkson & Justin Guarini) and I’m about to tear out my hair because Junsu & Jang Ri In are winning by a substantially large margin.

IS THE WHOLE WORLD DEAF?!?!?! Or just the crazy Koreans that read AllKpop? Cause I do hope it’s the latter. Because there is no feckin’ way that anyone could possibly actually think that JinHo & DaVichi’s version is worse. IN FACT, it is substantially BETTER.

Here’s what I wrote:

Wow. What an insane amount of bias in this poll. I don’t know if it’s because of the Korean rendition of “Timeless” (AKP has changed the video to no longer be the MV but a live performance of Junsu&Jang Ri In’s “Timeless”) or because of DBSK-bias (hey, I’m a fan of them too, so I have it in some amounts), but for this post and comparing these three (four?) videos, Jinho & DaVichi win it, srsly. Kelly’s voice was either restrained because of the live performance or she was sick, but it wasn’t at its usual strength for her (which is a disappointment, but would’ve clearly overshadowed Justin’s) and Junsu is flawless live, but Jang Ri In leaves much to be desired in her live performances (ESPECIALLY “Timeless”). Jinho is a little strained, but DaVichi were spot on and it was absolutely flawless. Honestly, when comparing Jinho and Junsu’s voices, yeah, it’s a matter of preference because they both are very very good live performers but with dramatically different tonal qualities to their voices; but with DaVichi and Jang Ri In — they are WORLDS apart when it comes to their live performances. I even like Jang Ri In, so it’s NOT me being biased, it’s just simple audible fact.

I mean, am I the only person that hears it?! I do like Jang Ri In. Once she released that Chinese album and started singing Chinese lives. I realized that the girl has a great voice, lots of potential, and practically zero stage confidence (which you can kinda work on, so give it a few more years) and some feigned star quality (which hopefully will turn real — again, give it a few more years). But I’m not going to let that stop me from enjoying her voice (sometimes). But it’s pretty apparent that DaVichi simply were trained and tweaked better than Jang Ri In. In these two comparable performances, it’s evident that Jang Ri In and the DaVichi-duo have similar tonal qualities and strength of pitch & voice. But like I’ve observed before, Jang Ri In is simply too raw. DaVichi shares the load of the vocals (which also helps, actually — since now they don’t need a backing track at all), and their range is not necessarily larger, but certainly stronger and they pull off a much better performance than ANY of Jang Ri In’s renditions of “Timeless.”

Welcome to the bias that is K-pop fandom, my friends.


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  1. Ah I totally agree..but u noe when you really like an artist u can be baised!

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