“Sorry Sorry (R&B version)” Digital Single released!!

Posted in Uncategorized by nanshi on July 27, 2009

So you know what that means?!

xSuJu3 @ youtube



SM Entertainment should hire me officially as a consultant. They always listen to me.

After I listen to this song a million times, I’ll update with what I *think* is the list of singers. But I still think there’s at least 2 guest singers.

No guarantees though. Not only am I pretty unfamiliar with Super Junior’s voices — they’re singing in a style that I’m completely unused to, which means a lot of [pseudo] vocal belting… and I’m having a hard time because their voices sound majorly different in this style.

The recorded single sounds a lot different than the live version; in the live version, I was able to distinctly recognize K.R.Y’s voices, potentially Donghae, potentially Heechul, and Sungmin. In the digital release? SO CONFUSED!

I guess I have a thing with being too complicated.

Hmm. From Allkpop (a commenter on a post)…

“Yoo YoungJin, who wrote Sorry Sorry, also sings with KRY in the RnB remix.”

BUT… I think it’s Yoo YoungJin by himself with only K.R.Y. helping him with the backup vocals during the chorus. Because, at allkpop, if you watch the fancam, it’s not Super Junior performing. It’s just a video of them sitting around looking really reallyhawt. So I’m thinking this song is some kind of interlude? Because even if it was Yoo YoungJin with KRY, I would assume that they would still have KRY up onstage performing the song? Unless they have such a small role (which is very likely).


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  1. Kiki said,

    Well, the one performed/played at the Super Show II is KRY ft. Yoo Youngjin but the official digital single was sung by just Yoo Youngjin himself.

    I would have liked to hear KRY’s vocals in the official version, but whatever SM wants, I suppose. Not that I don’t like Yoo Youngjin’s voice, because his singing is just flawless~

  2. m1ka said,

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