Are Virgos tidy?

Posted in Uncategorized by nanshi on September 21, 2009


Are Virgos tidy?

As a Christian, I don’t really believe in astrology or Chinese mysticism. But growing up Taiwanese-American… I’ve been influenced in my own little way by both of those things, yes?

SO…with that said… I was looking up astrological signs in my free time because I enjoy procrastinating and one of the key signs of a Virgo (which I am) is that they are incredible fastidious and extremely tidy. Now, it’s a bit odd to say this, I think — but the general profiles or characteristics of Virgos are generally spot-on when it comes to me.

Now, if you were to tell my mother or my little sister (with whom I share a bedroom) either of these things, they’d laugh at you and then come and scoff at me. I would scoff and be all, “yeah right,” and go along my way because my room at home is notoriously messy.

But then I moved out on my own. And granted, my studio is in Brooklyn so already it’s a size shrinkage from suburbia New Jersey. Couple that with the fact that I also live in an EXTREMELY old house in an EXTREMELY old neighborhood (certainly older than my childhood home) and I have realized that every single day I am vacuuming up all the lint, dust, and hair (I shed a lot) that accumulates. I am messy, but about once a week when I have time, I do pick up the clothes that I’ve left strewn on the couch and I try to tidy things up.

Watch me do that at home? haha, never.

I don’t know what it is. It was probably the knowledge that if it ever got messy enough, my mom or my sister would clean up for me. And I loved that. And I would subconsciously rely on that. And also, because I had so many things that it was soo difficult to put them away. My cleaning sessions would involve these MASSIVE black trash bags in which I would just pitch stuff. Here, with this limited space, I really have to practice due diligence with all my things. Not to mention, a great deal of my expendables are still in Jersey and I, frankly, just do not have enough storage space here for many many of my things. which annoys me, but is a good thing, I suppose, because it helps me minimize clutter. I think. Plus, I AM addicted to vacuuming. It’s just that home, it’s so much harder to do because that vacuum is huge and heavy and I have lots of furniture in the way. Here, I have this nice little stick vacuum (it was only $20, score! I may actually buy an extra just as a backup in case this one dies) and it’s light and the room is small and hardwood so I just zoom it around picking up things… and fun fun.

So what am I saying with all this…?

Maybe I am tidy.
Huh. That gives me something to think about when I ought to be studying.


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