*is alive*

Posted in Uncategorized by nanshi on February 26, 2010

I do really enjoy popping in and out of this blog and being obnoxious about it.
I really really haven’t abandoned it. I’ve just been out of Kpop fandom for quite some time now (nothing new or inspirational has come along to really wow me) so it’s just all very lackluster and boring for me. Not into girl group and I don’t enjoy feeling like a pedophile everytime I drool in lust at one of the new emerging boybands.

That and I’m too busy to devote time to pursuits as such. *curses law school*
I had a fantastic blogging idea, but then it just went out the window. I think it had something to do with FIR and how I’ve been listening to them a lot lately (just the one song “Our Love” which I’ve been replaying and listening to over and over and over again lately.)

And I also bought a monstrous box of Hello Panda Cookies

That made me… vairy happy. And a very big bag of kimchi (yum!).



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  1. Esther said,

    Are you listening to F.I.R’s Our Love/ Wo Men De Ai all over again (though it’s been years since that song) ’cause you’re inspired by Ryeowook’s rendition of it?
    Haha I don’t know about you — but that’s for me.
    I’ve not took much notice to that song when it first came out years back, but now, ’cause of hearing Ryeowookie’s version on ‘100% Entertainment’ I’m loving it till I can sing it in the bathroom daily (definitely not a slight bit reaching Ryeowookie’s standard) just like a screw-loose person. =B
    Haha okay Wookie’s just awesome.
    But just in case you did not hear it all over again ’cause you’re inspired by his version, Our Love is a marvelous song too listening to the lyrics (from Wookie’s version. LOL) carefully. xD

  2. nanshi said,

    Hi Esther —

    Actually NO! I knew about FIR’s song for a long time (actually own their debut album). I just really really got addicted to it. To the point where it was disturbing. The mania has calmed down somewhat, but it’s still pretty prevalent. Anyway…thanks for the info! I checked it out and it is fantastic! I haven’t been able to find a rendition on 100% Entertainment yet, but I shall try my best. Thanks again! It’s really really great. I like the instrumental for his too. It’s not as angsty-emotional as the original, but still fantastic!

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