To the right!

Posted in Uncategorized by nanshi on June 10, 2010

For the record, I still have yet to hear Beyonce’s infamous song.
No really. Still haven’t heard it. Can’t you figure it out? I listen to Asian pop almost-exclusively. I throw in a little Euro-techno (This is best, man) but I usually don’t. Anyway, I’m trying to branch out in popularity. Which you know what that means!!!!

Okay, that might a little diffult, but I’m determined to make it work. One hour a week. Sitting down. Doing what I love best. Typing and writing about something that I can type and write about.

Wow, I live a really boring existence. Also thinking of taking up video blogging. Along with various other things like therapy, cooking, professional shopping, professional gold-digging, and dieting.

I’ve also created a new blog around my pet passion: wedding planning! so if you’re interested in it or know someone who’s into DIY wedding planning, go check it out!

For purposes of full disclosure, because I can’t lie to you. All of my three loyal readers: I’m trying to really delve into this “Make Money on the Internets” thing because… well, might as well get SOMETHING out of all this surfing.

I GIVE YOU SO MUCH!!! *sobs* So… um yeah. I’m trying to generate posts and content and popularity. This is my most well-read blog even though people do read my other ones. And even if it is a mishamash of RANDOMOSITY, someone reads it. And that’s all I need. READERSHIP.

*cackles evily*

So with that… look forward to the occasional video blog, a weekly blog/update about some interesting quip… and just altogether funtimes!



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