American Apparel

Posted in Uncategorized by nanshi on July 22, 2010

On principle, I like them.

No really, I do. I sincerely sincerely sincerely do. I like the 100% cotton fabrics that they use. I like the streamlined and classic cut of their styles. I don’t care so much about their “whoo hoo no sweatshop!” policy cause that’s just whatever to me (they’re working. they’re getting paid. they can get by). I like the fact that their tees are of a good enough quality and the colors vibrant enough that they can stand on their own (most tees look very awkward and bad without graphics on them, which is odd). I like the fact that they hold up after multiple washings (no holes or crinkling or odd hems)…


So I can understand why my medium-sized organic cotton v-neck tee in coral is different from my medium-sized regular cotton v-neck tee in purple. Clearly there is a different heft & weight between organic cotton and regular cotton. Fine. BUT WHY IS THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MY medium-sized regular cotton v-neck tee in purple and the SAME EXACT tee in cranberry?!

The cranberry one is slightly longer, and is of a slightly heavier weight. Not enough to be noticeably different, but enough for the vee to ride up a little bit which basically chokes my chest and makes me look odd and boxy and shapeless. My purple one fits like a dream though and clings to my boobies in a most flattering fashion.



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