In light of all that has been going on….

Posted in Uncategorized by nanshi on August 11, 2010

I’ve decided to do a quick [slash] brief post on the whole thing.

Article Here. Opinion below.

For those less inclined to click the article, I’ll just tell you the title of it. “Micky Yoochun Flaunts His New Chest Tattoo.” Details: Yoochun gets a new tattoo that says “My Jaejoong Yunhwan Junsu.” Note: Yunho and Changmin are conspicuously absent in this inking.

I think that… for what it’s worth — DBSK is pretty much in the late stages of a permanent separation. With a legal battle that could take years, it will be awhile before DBSK can even be fully “united.” On top of all of that, the alienation and isolation will be enough for the group to never be able to fully recover or rebound. Added on top of the new press along with the added exposure and exponential increase of new up-and-coming boybands, and it’s no surprise that DBSK is out the door.

Now, I think the tattoo has something to do with Micky’s deeply repressed daddy issues. Or parental issues. Or separation issues.

Just kidding. I think it’s just a stand that he no longer believes in DBSK because he thinks that Yunho & Changmin abandoned JaeChunSu when they sued SM Entertainment. Which is all fine and dandy cause you’re really quite allowed to sue whomever you want.

As long as it’s legal.

No, what I think is that DBSK is over. I mean, in an era where BoA can go unrecognized by a talent scout (even so far as the talent scout to approach her and ask her if she wants to be a celebrity…)… it’s clear that that generation of Kpop is ending or fading.

So with all that’s said and done, I am sad to admit that I think DBSK is over. Do I still love them? Of course. Do I hope for signs of a revival or comeback? Of course. Am I expecting one? No. Am I rooting for one? No. That seems to be pretty much a closed chapter in their lives now. So I respect them for it and am now moving on beyond it.

Bash me all you want, but I have a feeling that no one reads this. So good riddance.


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  1. anonymous said,

    I’m really grateful that someone gives their opinions on my articles. Really, thanks.

  2. queenbee said,

    you pretty much said it all but lets just accept reality that with their current situation dbsk will never be 5 again for now

  3. zcn said,

    It’s sad to here what has become of DBSK.I just hope this doesn’t marr what people in the future would remember of DBSK (especially for those who didn’t live in the “dbsk domination” era).Anyway,JYJ seems to be moving in a good direction,but SME on the other hand seems to not quite know what to do with YunHo/ChangMin since they were never the main/leading vocals.hurhurhur.

    I’ve heard some sides to this,and I don’t really wan to judge because I don’t know the whole situation.But well,I know some fans have been unhappy with JYJ using “fan manipulation” and all…but do you have any thoughts on this?

    Hm…aren’t there a lot of new up and coming Kpop groups though?
    Although I don’t disagree that yet another era of Kpop has come to an end,but Kpop is only starting to get immensely popular in some countries.

    Still…I don’t doubt that Kpop reached it’s peak in 2007 and 2009 (possibly the “Gee” impact),right now,Kpop seems over saturated and with SNSD (and Kara/4 Minute,although it’s probably parallel promotions),it remains to be seen if any of the current boybands would take the chance to dominate (I do adore them,but even so,they aren’t DBSK talent wise).

  4. nanshi said,

    @zcn: I don’t think this will excessively mar what people in the future remember of DBSK. Not a fan of HOT or Shinhwa, but similar boybands with similar histories or legacies, and people still remember them fondly and they still get new fans every now and then.

    The way I look at it is that JaeChunSu have always been more ‘independent” and “individual” in their approaches to their entertainment careers. Among other things, they seemed less inclined to “follow the pack” with SM orders. I’ve written on this [relatively] extensively, and I’ve always felt that Jaejoong and Yoochun were extremely rebellious. Junsu’s talent seems to be wasted in a boyband — and I think he knows it. He has fantastic stage charisma, is extremely good looking (especially in Korea), is a great dancer, and arguably the best singer out of all of them (Especially since he can almost effortlessly cross genres … not something every singer can do). Also, Junsu has been in training the longest and has had the most time for his bitterness towards SME to foster.

    AS for using “fan manipulation,” all I can say is, fans are an immense resource to idols. Most would argue the ONLY resources idols have. So why not use them? Do I think that JYJ are taking advantage of their fans? No. Why? Because SME and other entertainment companies and all other celebrities have been doing it LOOOONG before JYJ. If it leads a bad taste in your mouth, then I suggest you take a step back and really think about how you treat/consider your idols. And then make another conclusion. Because in all honesty, I can safely say that since I don’t live in Korea, I don’t succumb to every product placement and advertisement that my idol of choice comes out with. But living in Korea and being younger and more susceptible to that type of behavior? I might not buy a new LG Lollipop cell phone because Big Bang/2NE1 promoted it, but I might go out and buy lots of Lotte cookies because DBSK did a commercial for them and there’s a pretty stand in the store featuring their faces.

    What I mean by an “era” of Kpop is that Kpop has its… trends. Bands rise and Bands fade. Kpop may be rising in other countries — but what groups? What idols? In the “era” of DBSK where they were the biggest and the hottest and the brightest — they really shone. Now that they are being “traded” in for other groups like SHINee, 2AM/2PM, and the five hundred million girlgroups that have been debuting (ugh)… like I said, ask some of the younger fans of SHINee or 2PM and it’ll probably be something like…

    “Oh, DBSK? Yeah, I think I’ve heard of them. They belong to the same company as Taemin-oppa, right? Don’t they do a lot of stuff in Japan?”

    Exactly. So the age of DBSK is coming to a close. And that’s fine. I’m moving on with it all. Does it make me sad? Sure. But frankly, idols grow up and so do their fans. Even if DBSK was to come back with an immensely huge and widely advertised come back within the next 18 months, I don’t think they would be able to stir up the same excitement as they did when they came back with Purple Line and then subsequently Mirotic. Why? Because fans grow up. No longer with they suffer the “cutesy” antics of their idols (“You are adult men now. Act your age.”). Nor will they go out in droves to buy their playing cards and post cards and every single CD release. Yes, DBSK might be able to be accessible to the younger generation (especially if they have daddy issues!), but frankly, with competition from younger and “hotter” groups… their day and age is over.

    ooh. I’m vicious.

  5. myrabelle said,

    @nanshi. love your comment.
    in this time of uncertainty, this is the most rational explanation of everything that is going on.

  6. meriken said,

    Well said. It makes me sad since DBSK has been one of the main focuses of my life, but people grow up and drift away, and I’m not going to kid myself with the whole “forever and ever” thing.
    But since I’m still a fan and I still love them just as much and I’m still hoping (no matter how little) for a reunion, I will support each of them still.
    I just wish seeing them separated didn’t hurt so much.

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