Self-explanatory! Have something you want to say to me that doesn’t fit in a post? Post it here…! If you have a blog, link to it, and I’ll get back to you on your blog (and if you’re lucky, I might even add you to my blogroll… XDDDD).


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  1. playmeagain said,

    I’m quite liking that pic of Micky. Soooo adorable. I think I prefer him in candid pics, actually, because he’s not so … lol-worthy. I mean, I ALWAYS find something to criticize when I see posed pictures of him, but nada when they’re candid. Too cute. <33333333

    Anyhow, you must think I’ve abandonned your blog, since I haven’t commented in EONS, but THAT’S NOT THE CASE. I’m biding my time, is all. XD You’ll see a flurry of comments at some point in the not so far-off future.

    And chigau is a tres cool word. Move that text box up, y/y? I always miss it when I come to your blog, because it’s not higher up on your page.

    <3333 Have an amazing day!

  2. playmeagain said,

    P.S. I think that picture of you was fine! I admire your skin – so pale and nice and CLEAR. *curses the acne that has riddled mine*

  3. candychu said,

    sw33tz is a mod isn’t she? She was an ex-student at the school I’m at right now 🙂 I chatted to her through her profile lol Such a small world coz I just randomly went on her blog and I was like “Omg she’s talking about a teacher that I know!”

  4. playmeagain said,

    Oh, I’ve seen that intro! The one with the underwater ballet? Really beautiful – especially with the instrumental music and ballet paired together.

    I actually REALLY like “One”. It’s one of those cheesy, romantic, Westlife/Backstreet Boys/Savage Garden-esque romantic songs that deserves to be put in the ending credits of some super romantic teenflick, but honestly, I wish the DB boys would sing more songs like those – no synthetized crap or anything like that, but the sole use of their voices matched with fantastic background music.

    Btw, didja know that there’s a “Twilight” movie being released in December? I SHUDDER at the thought of them wrecking the plotline and characters beyond repair.

    … The only great thing about the casting would have to be Kristen Stewart. Wouldn’t have pegged her as the type to pull of Bella’s character, but now that she’s been casted, I probably wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Actually, the main reason why I don’t want them to make a movie of this is because … no way in heck could any actor match the images of these vampires that readers have already created in their heads. Meyer has painted these vampires as really unearthly, ethereal, superior people, and I just can’t see anyone pulling it off satisfactorily. Plus, the thought of seeing such an infatuated Bella on screen really makes me want to gag. It’s one thing to read constant mushiness, but it’s another thing to actually see it onscreen. GAH.

    And yes, I’ve missed you toooooooooo. ❤

  5. playmeagain said,

    *to read about constant mushiness

  6. Bell said,

    Hey! I loved this blog! Your essays are pretty interesting and I’m looking forward to what you have to say about the DBSK lads *points at upcoming posts* ^_^ You have great writing skills also! Keep it up!

  7. ShopHophinD said,


    “The birth took place at the couple’s home (just outside Oslo),” says the palace, adding mother and baby were both well.

  8. Bell said,

    Whaaa! is the DBSK post still coming? ^_^ *has been waiting eagerly for it* ( I won’t lie, I certainly have! )

  9. prestonkanpp said,

    I agree with your point of view.

  10. playmeagain said,

    Heyyyyyyyy! =)

    Haven’t talked to you in so long. Hmmm, I see you finally got that DBSK-centric entry posted. BOUT TIME, GIRL. Anyway, how’ve you been?! We MUST catch upppp, and I shall enlighten you with stories about .. well … errr … my life. xP


  11. susan said,

    Stumbled onto your blog from a Super Junior fan site (I think) when the related posts generated a title called the Many Faces of DBSK, and was like…. O_O ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ <3……<3. And then I read Why I Hate SNSD and was even more _>) So why don’t they get those parts too? Are they not capable or is it just because Yesung is older and therefore gets the better parts?

    Also I really loved your look into the DBSK guys’ personality. I don’t suppose you would get inspired to do one of Suju (not all of them! Because, good lord, if your post about DBSK was that long and it was only five people, 13 would be…a novel.)

    The analysis on DBSK’s personalities was more fulfilling than fan fictions are (not that I’ve read Kpop fanfics…good ones are REALLY hard to find). lol.

    But, alas, your posts have gotten less and less frequent. I hope you come back sometimes soon with some good stuff.

    Still can’t believe there’s a comprehensive look at DBSK’s vocals and personalities….the internet is amazing.

    Have a nice day,

  12. crannie said,

    lol no real comment to say.. just signing the guestbook haha

    oh wait, thats right

    i’m a fan of your argumentative reasoning. it is solid 🙂

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