Are Virgos tidy?

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I actually have dropped off the face of the earth.

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No one cares cause no one reads this blog, but am I the only person that noticed that Amber from SM’s new f(x) group is incredibly “masculine-looking” or certainly at least somewhat of an androgynous figure…

…and also Chinese-American?!
Like why not pick a Korean girl to be the tomboy, SM?!

No, I’m not even kidding. It actually ticks me off. A lot.
I hate the androgynous trend. I think it’s actually quite demeaning to women. We’re either hyper-feminized or masculinized to appear to be male-wannabes. And I’m not a super feminist. I believe there are roles for men and women.

Clearly the entertainment industry is NOT one of them, though.

Oh, and yes. I actually have fallen off the face of the earth. Into that pit of despair known as law school.
And I’m honestly itching to get my hands on DBSK’s filings against SM Entertainment (translated into English of course). I’d probably actually be able to understand some parts of it. And then pull out my hand Black’s Law Dictionary for the rest.

TVXQ…leaving SM Entertainment?!

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…It’s a lot less scandalous and a whole lot more closer to the truth than what everyone else has been spreading out there. But the best and most thorough (ie. public-released statement) that I’ve found so far has been at POPSEOUL… so please direct yourself to that article.

I don’t feel like going through the whole bit, so I’ll just summarize:
TVXQ’s Junsu, Jaejoong, and Yoochun want out of their SM Entertainment contract. Citing things such as unfair monetary compensation and too-stringent exclusivity rights makes for a very unhappy 3/5ths of TVXQ. A few other things are highlighted like their non-stop hectic 20hr (average) workdays and the lack of vacation or personal/sick days…

And I’m struck with how people find this… surprising.
Because I certainly don’t. I’ve belived in from the beginning and I’ve certainly highlighted it from a long long time ago.

Sure, I have sympathy. Trust me, I feel as badly for them as any other fan[girl]. But frankly, I have little more compassion than that. Why? Because this is something they signed up for. I could argue a lot of things here about ages, mental maturty, age of consent, and things like that… but it ultimately comes down to the fact that I believe that Junsu, Jaejoong, and Yoochun sincerely did not believe that their schedules would be so crazy. Somehow, they believed that even though they [probably] worked their butts off during trainee years — something would magically click when they debuted and they would become famous and well-known and it’d all be okay. There wouldn’t be persistent and tiresome work schedules. There wouldn’t be all-night rehearsals coupled with early-morning photoshoots. They wouldn’t log more frequent flier miles than a Continental Airlines’ flight attendant. Nope. None of that would happen. Because they were now part of the Korean pop-idol glitterazzi and were happy, successful, and rich.


In case you didn’t pick up on all that passive-aggressiva… Junsu, Jaejoong, and Yoochun were probably really really naive and all-too-eager to sign away their lives for a shot at fame. Probably because they didn’t have much else going for them.

I will address a few things specifically though…
a) A 13-year contract?!
Yes, it is ridiculous. And even I will stop and take pause and simply exclaim, “WHAT THE !#$$% WERE YOU THINKING WHEN YOU SIGNED THAT?!” Did they not think to negotiate terms? Unfortunately, it’s all to plausible. These boys joined SM at their ripe teenage years. It is not entirely unimaginable for SM to feed them the, “If you don’t join us, you’ll never succeed anywhere” line. “We’re the ones that are giving you the hand-up because of our kindness and goodness. You should accept if you know what’s good for you. You suck. But we’re willing to take you anyway because that’s the kind of company we are.” Bull. But it’s a line easily fed to hungry (and desperate) fish. Plus, 13 years doesn’t seem all that long? Right? People often sustain careers for much longer. Guess no one ever really wants to be an idol after all. Yes. TVXQ are idols. Not singers, not dancers. Idols. That’s what SM Entertainment creates — entertainers, not actual artists.

b) Exhausting schedules
Sorry, but I have little sympathy for them there. I’m going to law school this fall. I have read countless accounts and have also been informed by many people that it is a lot of hard work. Needless to say, I’m well-aware of this fact by now. So does that mean I’m going to turn around and sue my law school a few semesters in because of my “exhausting and demanding” schedule? Sure, I’ll probably end up going to bed at 4am and be up all night writing briefs and a million other things that need to get done in order to pass law school successfully. I’m sure being a trainee isn’t easy. In fact, from accounts I heard (of DBSK’s trainee years), it was downright miserable most of the time. And yet they persisted. Someone along the way must’ve told them that “Becoming a singer is hard work. You’re going to have to work very hard.” And I’m sure they heard it and believed it… to a certain extent. So why the sudden change in heart now? Sure. Law school is only three years compared to SM’s contract of 10+ years. And sure, there’s the tried-and-true rebuttal of, “You can always choose not to do the work. It’s your grade that suffers, but whatever. It’s your life, after all” and that idols can’t just “refuse” their schedule. Well, technically they can. As someone who is notoriously bad and hide-and-go-seek and defiantly lazy (not to mention unabashedly non-confrontational)… it is very possible to just go and hide somewhere and not do something. Sure there’s a huge threat of penalties held above them — but I have penalties too. $300,000 in student loans enough for you? So what’s their excuse?

I hate quitters.

Seriously. This is the lifestyle that they chose for themselves. If it was somehow thrusted upon them, then fine. They have all the more sympathy from me. But the truth of the situation was that Junsu, Jaejoong, and Yoochun fully agreed and complied to the terms of these contracts when they initially signed them.

In Junsu, Jaejoong, and Yoochun’s defense… I will say that SM Entertainment is entirely too corrupt, abusive, and shady to be taken decently. After all, these were minors. Severely underage folk — by US standards, where age of maturity is 18 or even Korean standards, where age of maturity is 20. I can altogether completely believe that SM Entertainment only had the trainees sign the contracts and didn’t even consult in their legal guardians. Yes, that is a big deal folks. You can’t expect kids to read through a whole contract… and then comprehend it. You can barely expect most adults to read through a whole contract and comprehend it. But for the sake of grabbing these young, attractive, and easily-manipulated youths… SM Entertainment read them a few lines, fed them a few words and then was all, “Sign this and we’ll make all your dreams come true….”

Although something is to be said for SM Entertainment: They do pay for just about everything “big” (flights, hotel suites, rides, etc). They even provide the boys with lodging (permanent lodging in Japan & Korea, I believe). And for those of you who scoff at it, apartments (especially two-bedrooms!) do not come cheap. Especially when they’re in downtown Tokyo (I believe SM probably owns several housing-buildings exclusively for their clientele, but in Japan I’m pretty sure that they don’t have such a luxury). I know there are instances of the boys paying for things themselves, but… well, they do earn money. Somewhere.

Now I’m going to do something a little unique that no other site has done so far…

My predictions?
This is tricky. For SM Entertainment to concede opens a whole ‘nother bag of snakes and openings for its other clients to retaliate. I do believe, though, that TVXQ is the last generation of “abused” clients and that subsequent artists under the SM Entertainment label have had much easier goings than them.

I think that SM Entertainment is going to concede with stipulations. The contract will be revised, but they will not lose their cash-cow of TVXQ. Not to mention, SM Entertainment has a signed contract with Avex in Japan. I don’t know the terms of that contract, BUT I believe that Avex would be more than happy to drop SM and sign TVXQ directly (if that was necessary). I hope the terms are to be revised in a way that be acceptable (and truly acceptable, not “Well, I have to take these terms…”) to both parties. Considering the time & money that SM Entertainment invested in TVXQ initially (all startup costs), it’s not unexpected that they would want a high amount of return. It has been over 5 years since TVXQ has debuted and on such unequal terms that it’s time for things to shift in their favor a bit. Presently, I believe the sales are split something like 70-SM/30-TVXQ (maximum). 50-SM/50-TVXQ is a bit more fair, but I’d like to see the balance tipped a little bit more for TVXQ in lieu of around 40-SM/60-TVXQ. 50/50 would be ideal & in addition to strict contract terms that capped off work-days at 18hrs (that’s about how much even the craziest investment banker does in one day) and gave them actual “unionized” or union-type vacation days (more than 7 days for every 365, that’s for sure).

I’d like to see SM Entertainment keep exclusive rights to TVXQ’s name though; therefore, they can’t go off and begin independent projects of sell their personal rights to an advertising gig (that’s just rude).

I think TVXQ’s old contract(s) should be declared null & void and a new one rewritten with terms that are more… current with international labor ethics and humanizing in terms of entertainment law. A 13 year contract is not completely unheard of, but in the passing fancy that is entertainment it is… somewhat of an anomaly.


“Sorry Sorry (R&B version)” Digital Single released!!

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So you know what that means?!

xSuJu3 @ youtube



SM Entertainment should hire me officially as a consultant. They always listen to me.

After I listen to this song a million times, I’ll update with what I *think* is the list of singers. But I still think there’s at least 2 guest singers.

No guarantees though. Not only am I pretty unfamiliar with Super Junior’s voices — they’re singing in a style that I’m completely unused to, which means a lot of [pseudo] vocal belting… and I’m having a hard time because their voices sound majorly different in this style.

The recorded single sounds a lot different than the live version; in the live version, I was able to distinctly recognize K.R.Y’s voices, potentially Donghae, potentially Heechul, and Sungmin. In the digital release? SO CONFUSED!

I guess I have a thing with being too complicated.

Hmm. From Allkpop (a commenter on a post)…

“Yoo YoungJin, who wrote Sorry Sorry, also sings with KRY in the RnB remix.”

BUT… I think it’s Yoo YoungJin by himself with only K.R.Y. helping him with the backup vocals during the chorus. Because, at allkpop, if you watch the fancam, it’s not Super Junior performing. It’s just a video of them sitting around looking really reallyhawt. So I’m thinking this song is some kind of interlude? Because even if it was Yoo YoungJin with KRY, I would assume that they would still have KRY up onstage performing the song? Unless they have such a small role (which is very likely).

“Timeless” Competition

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Thanks for the info, AllKpop.

SG Wannabe’s Kim Jin Ho & DaVichi singing the English (original) version of “Timeless”


DBSK’s Xiah Junsu & Jang Ri In singing the Korean (cover) version of “Timeless”

* * *

Now now, let’s not be obnoxious. I know that they’re in different languages. But we can appreciate music in all forms, right? I like Jang Ri In, so I’m not about to jump into a corner and slaughter her, now am I?

But let me wax frenetic for awhile and rant a bit crazy. On AllKpop there is a poll comparing these performances (along with the live performance of Kelly Clarkson & Justin Guarini) and I’m about to tear out my hair because Junsu & Jang Ri In are winning by a substantially large margin.

IS THE WHOLE WORLD DEAF?!?!?! Or just the crazy Koreans that read AllKpop? Cause I do hope it’s the latter. Because there is no feckin’ way that anyone could possibly actually think that JinHo & DaVichi’s version is worse. IN FACT, it is substantially BETTER.

Here’s what I wrote:

Wow. What an insane amount of bias in this poll. I don’t know if it’s because of the Korean rendition of “Timeless” (AKP has changed the video to no longer be the MV but a live performance of Junsu&Jang Ri In’s “Timeless”) or because of DBSK-bias (hey, I’m a fan of them too, so I have it in some amounts), but for this post and comparing these three (four?) videos, Jinho & DaVichi win it, srsly. Kelly’s voice was either restrained because of the live performance or she was sick, but it wasn’t at its usual strength for her (which is a disappointment, but would’ve clearly overshadowed Justin’s) and Junsu is flawless live, but Jang Ri In leaves much to be desired in her live performances (ESPECIALLY “Timeless”). Jinho is a little strained, but DaVichi were spot on and it was absolutely flawless. Honestly, when comparing Jinho and Junsu’s voices, yeah, it’s a matter of preference because they both are very very good live performers but with dramatically different tonal qualities to their voices; but with DaVichi and Jang Ri In — they are WORLDS apart when it comes to their live performances. I even like Jang Ri In, so it’s NOT me being biased, it’s just simple audible fact.

I mean, am I the only person that hears it?! I do like Jang Ri In. Once she released that Chinese album and started singing Chinese lives. I realized that the girl has a great voice, lots of potential, and practically zero stage confidence (which you can kinda work on, so give it a few more years) and some feigned star quality (which hopefully will turn real — again, give it a few more years). But I’m not going to let that stop me from enjoying her voice (sometimes). But it’s pretty apparent that DaVichi simply were trained and tweaked better than Jang Ri In. In these two comparable performances, it’s evident that Jang Ri In and the DaVichi-duo have similar tonal qualities and strength of pitch & voice. But like I’ve observed before, Jang Ri In is simply too raw. DaVichi shares the load of the vocals (which also helps, actually — since now they don’t need a backing track at all), and their range is not necessarily larger, but certainly stronger and they pull off a much better performance than ANY of Jang Ri In’s renditions of “Timeless.”

Welcome to the bias that is K-pop fandom, my friends.

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