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Silk Naturals is an online mineral makeup company that specializes in using pure silk powder in its mineral makeup and a unique blending process for their foundation.

My review taken from MakeupAlley.com:
I’m surprised there aren’t more reviews for the Silk Naturals line of foundations yet (there’s some for the foundations and lipcolors), but I suppose I’ll start then.

For starters, Silk Naturals is a mineral makeup line that can only be found online. The creator of Silk Naturals had a very innovative idea to create customizable foundations because she was frustrated with never being able to find the proper shade.. even with swatches in stores and testers. So instead, she created Silk Naturals (with a bunch of really great a healthy ingredients) in two separate forms. When you order a foundation or sample kit, it comes with a small bag of white powder (named Ivory), and a small bag of Ebony (for neutral/pink tones), WarmGold (for more yellowy tones), or Buttery Gold (for very strong yellow tones), along with a small jar and a small scoop. Then you get started on mixing and matching the foundation to get your perfect tone. You can go straight to the Silk Naturals website to get more details about it (along with her full line of products that include eyeshadows, blushes, lipglosses, etc).

Anyways, I’m usually quite hesitant to give 5 (actually, I had went back and lowered the rating to a 4) stars, but on a product that REALLY makes my skin look great and it stays put, not to mention a perfect color match every time?! Not to mention it is VERY VERY reasonably priced (sample foundation kit was $3.95 and shipping was $2 and the full kit is like only $11.95 and a little goes a looong way). That’s a no brainer, really. Silk Naturals is made with top-quality ingredients including genuine silk powder that makes you skin feel really soft and really smooth. It hasn’t broken me out, but to be fair, I have very resilient skin and it doesn’t react much to external factors but rather only breaks out under stress. The prices are very reasonable (more so since you don’t have to waste money on repeatedly ordering samples) and the foundation really just feels great on my skin! Like most mineral foundations, it DOES look and feel utterly weightless, but has the added bonus of matching my skintone perfectly. My biggest gripe with this (and why I knocked off a lippie) is the fact that coverage is extremely light and not necessarily extremely buildable (but I think that’s just how it is with mineral makeup; I’m super picky and when I want my blemishes covered, I want them COVERED). But I suppose that’s what “real” concealer is for…

EDITED to bump the rating up to a 5!! Silk Naturals has come out with (recently, I suppose?) two additional formulations: Medium and Heavy coverage. Maybe it’s just me expecting too much of a foundation, but I want my foundations to also work as a concealer. After all, I already put concealer practically all over my face. I received my full size Buttery Gold Silk Naturals Heavy kit today in the mail today and mixed (ended up with 10 White to 2 Buttery Gold). And it’s perfect! I used a kabuki brush and a concealer brush and started putting it on! I think it might be my moisturizer (didn’t feel like wasting moisturizer or primer since I was just trying out the makeup), but I got a few enlarged pores. But aside from that, coverage is great and flawless. The “real” airbrushed/photoshopped look of those models you see on those kits or infomercials for mineral makeup. Spritz with some water (I add a few drops of glycerin too) for a set look and finish. I dab on a few spots and undereyes that need more coverage, but aside from that, fantastic!

* * *

Tips for using Silk Naturals
– Test and use this makeup on a day where you won’t really be going out. And preferably, don’t mix your foundation at night. If you receive the package at night, be patient and wait until morning to start mixing.
– Bedroom lighting is different from bathroom lighting which is different from car-visor lighting which is different from natural lighting, etc. Test your foundation in multiple settings. No, you don’t have to run out to your car, but I like to test it in my bedroom by my mirror with natural lighting (not bright sunlight, but natural sunlight. like how’d I’d probably look standing in indirect sunlight), my sunny (but coolly painted… that is, painted in cool colors) bathroom, and then another bathroom with bathroom lighting.
– Let it set. I’ve realized that the Silk Naturals formulation(s) tend to “set” a bit as the day goes on. Upon initial application, it goes on perfectly, and then it starts to darken. The “real” color of the foundation won’t really appear until about … 20-30min after initial application. That’s why I say wait a bit before going out.
– Shake the foundation a lot. A lot of people complain that it goes on too dark or too gray or too chalky, etc. Probably because you haven’t shaken it around well enough. 5 full minutes of shaking is unnecessary, but a few bobs with the container isn’t enough either. I shake it rapidly back and forth for at least a good minute before opening up the container to see if it’s well-shaken.


more to be added…


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  1. thanks for your kind reviews. I want to try silk naturals and your review gave me more informations about it. thanks, again. ^_^

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