I’m a bit of a theme/design whore. So, I like to change them around a LOT ^.^VV
Ergo… every now and then, my widgets will go missing. Oh, I’m sure they’ll rotate back once… y’know, I select a theme that has widgets. So I’ll keep this page up for most of my widgets. Things like my Blogroll, Categories, Tags can’t be put here (because they’re part of the WordPress system), but what I can stuff in here, I will. mmkay?

* * *

NEW THEME!!! “Chaos Theory.” I saw it on someone else’s WordPress and ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. I love the bright blue and gray against the black with the white text. It’s so neat, y’know? My wordpress always looks so messy. Probably because I put WAAAY too much text into my widgets, ne?

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Upcoming posts
(in no specific order)
– Junsu vs Jaejoong (vocally inclined)
– DBSK’s true personalities (??)
– I hate flip flops
– Korean “scrubbie” bath towels (aka: Italy towels)
– … and anything else that is requested. Hit up my guestbook if there’s anything specific you want me to blog about.
* we know that I’ll probably never get around to doing these posts. I’m such a bad procrastinator.



*because he smiles like the sun, okay? this is one of my favorite Micky pics. It’s just so… candid

NOTE: if some of the pictures in a post or otherwise have gone missing, PLEASE go to my photobucket album. I have NOT deleted any of my photos, but just organized them in albums. The album-list is on the lefthand side, and you can probably figure out where the pictures are.

((LOL. still featuring Micky. Can’t bring myself to take down that picture of him. He’s soooo cute in it. And it’s a reminder — to us all — of the the GOOD hair days!!! ))



I was browsing some old DBSK vids on youtube and found their performance of “One” at their “2nd Asia Tour Concert O” and the intro to it was this gorgeous instrumental called “Tears…in the Water.” It’s sooo pretty and I tried hunting it down, but it seems it is/was a DBSK concert exclusive? So it was very elusive. Well, sort of. It’s not on youtube, that’s fershure (unless you check out the “One” video). But magicals of magical… I own that CD (yes, actually OWN… like bought with my own monies and everything)… and DBSKer Archives has the song/CD up for obtaining too. So get the instrumental. Cause it’s that good.

Oh, and for fun…
“It’s just this whole day [Valentine’s Day], it’s like an evil conspiracy. Created by the greeting card people and the flower people and the candy people. Well, not the candy people. They do…God’s work.” Grace Adler (Debra Messing) from Will & Grace.


AF Forums
Let’s All Eat Candy!!
Pretty Boy Power
Play Me Again
InFATuated (Candychu/Changdice)
From Head to Toe (beauty blog)
Daily Beauty Buzz
Makeup For Life
All Kpop
*rag all you want, I think those sites are hilarious!!. Srsly. Shenyuepop is especially vicious when it comes to SNSD (love it!) and all sites are relatively kind to DBSK (*cheers!*). It’s all in good fun. It’s more satire than it really is downright insulting. They tell it like it is, and we’re all thinking it. And if we’re not all thinking it, well… we’ll all be laughing at it in a bit anyways. LOL…!!

((more Blogroll to be added))


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